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Mastrogiannopolou Vagia, Main Pottery Specialist

photo of Vagia Mastrogiannopolou

Vagia Mastrogiannopolou

Main Pottery Specialist

Department of Anthropology


Dr Mastrogiannopolou is employed on the European Union funded project of the restoration of the Archaeological Museum of Lemnos (NE Aegean) on behalf of the Lesvos Ephorate of Antiquities, Greek Ministry of Culture. Her background is in the study of prehistoric pottery and Neolithic caves, including a PhD from the Department of Mediterranean Studies, University of the Aegean (Rhodes) on the material from the Sarakenos Cave (Boeotia). Vagia has also published material from Ftelia on Mykonos, and as a native of Naxos has significant experience as an archaeological assistant on the island (excavation, and study alike).

Dr Mastrogiannopolou is an original SNAP team member from 2013, in the dual role of fieldworker and Project Manager, also being responsible for the publication of the pottery, not least the later Bronze Age material from the Minoan type peak sanctaury discovered in 2019. Dr Mastrogiannopolou can be contacted at